A Graphic-Designer-gone-Tattoo-Artist.
I’ve been creating artworks in some fashion throughout my whole life - I have been a graphic designer since 2015, and as of 2022, I decided that I would apply all of my art knowledge into a new art form: Tattooing!
My Mission
I am a self-taught, beginner tattoo artist in search of individuals who would like to receive small, black-only linework tattoos. 
I have been studying and performing tattoos on practice skins for a number of months and I am now looking to perform my first real tattoos on skin. My goal is to adapt to the challenges of working on different areas of the body, and to observe the healing process of my work over time. These tattoos are currently being offered at no charge in exchange for the opportunity for me to advance my skills. 
I run a private, at-home studio, stocked with all appropriate equipment, furniture, and disinfectants required to ensure that the tattooing process is as safe and comfortable as possible. 
I am currently offering a selection of small, pre-made flash designs at a size of approximately 2-5". (I won't be accepting requests for custom designs until a later date, but I'd love to hear your ideas in the meantime!) 
As a beginner, my preferred placements include the arms, thighs, calves, and back. I am open to other placement suggestions as well, but I will not tattoo the head, neck, hands, fingers, genitals, or feet. 
I am open to performing multiple tattoos in one session. 
After the tattoo session, I request that we periodically follow up via email with photos of the tattoo so that I have the opportunity to observe the quality of my work over time (2 weeks healed, 2 months, 6 months, etc.).
If you are interested in volunteering some skin space for a tattoo, that is great!
You can visit the Witherbloom Tattoo Instagram page to browse the designs currently being offered. If you see something that you like, please submit a Tattoo Request Form, and we will discuss everything in more detail from there. 
Additionally, please visit the FAQ and Studio Policies pages for answers to any questions you may have. If you would prefer to reach out directly, feel free to send a message to
I'm pleased to have you join me on this new journey! 
- Elisa

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