The healing process of a new tattoo takes place over a period of 5-6 weeks. Proper aftercare is crucial to the healing process, and with the right care, your new tattoo will heal more effectively and will continue to look fantastic for years to come.
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What is a tattoo bandage? 
A tattoo bandage (Saniderm, Tegaderm, Dermshield, etc.), is a transparent, breathable, waterproof bandage that helps protect your tattoo from bacteria and dirt, while enhancing the skin’s natural healing process. 
Aftercare Routine
- After receiving a new tattoo, keep the bandage on for up to 3-4 days. A buildup of fluid (blood, plasma, ink) is normal and will aid in the healing of your tattoo. In the case that the seal of your bandage breaches sooner than the 3-4 days, remove it right away and proceed to the cleansing & moisturizing routine. 
- Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your tattoo.
- It is recommended to remove your bandage in the shower under warm running water. Find an edge of the bandage, and pull it back over itself in the direction of hair growth. 
- Gently lather the area using your hands, warm water, and a mild, unscented soap. Avoid scrubbing or applying unnecessary pressure when tending to your tattoo. Pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel. 
- Apply a very thin layer of a neutral, fragrance-free moisturizer. 
- Let your tattoo air dry for at least 10 minutes before covering it with clean, loose-fitting clothing. 
- For the next 3 weeks, continue to wash and moisturize your tattoo 2-3 times per day. 
While your tattoo is healing… 
- Do not pick or scratch your tattoo. Itchiness and flaking skin is normal. 
- Do not wear tight-fitting clothing around the area of your tattoo. 
- Do not scrub your healing tattoo with a washcloth, sponge, or loofah. 
- Avoid swimming, hot tubs, baths, and saunas for a minimum of 2 weeks; 5-6 weeks is recommended in order to ensure a full heal.  
- Do not expose your tattoo to sunlight. UV rays will rapidly degrade the quality of your tattoo. 
- Do not exercise heavily in the first 48 hours after receiving your tattoo. You can exercise lightly, but be sure to clean and moisturize your tattoo before and after exercising. 
- Do not shave or wax the tattooed area until your tattoo has healed completely (5-6 weeks). 
general Tips 
- Water-based, fragrance free moisturizers are recommended.
- Avoid moisturizers with a thick consistency, and avoid products with petroleum/petrolatum or lanolin. These ingredients can trap moisture and bacteria which could lead to infection. 
- Wearing dark coloured clothing is recommended in the first week of your new tattoo, as excess ink/fluids may leak onto clothes. 
- Use fresh bed sheets to further prevent the chance of infection. 
long term care
- Keep your skin hydrated; apply moisturizer regularly.
- Limit sun exposure whenever possible. Always opt to apply an SPF of 50 or higher. 
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- In the case that the seal of your bandage breaches sooner than the 3-4 days, remove it right away and proceed to the cleansing & moisturizing routine. A breach could introduce bacteria into the bandage, which could lead to infection. 
- In the case of an allergic reaction to the bandage adhesive (redness, itchiness around the edge of the bandage, general discomfort), you should remove the bandage and proceed to cleaning and moisturizing your tattoo as normal. If discomfort does not improve, please seek medical attention. 
- If you detect any signs of infection, such as extreme redness, swelling, or discharge, seek medical attention and inform your artist. 
- Optional: If you would like to re-apply a new Saniderm bandage after removing the first one, you can; follow your package’s instructions. (This step is optional and mostly suited for large or heavily inked tattoos. Only one Saniderm bandage will be supplied at your appointment, additional sheets are to be purchased independently.)
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If you have any additional questions or concerns about the aftercare of your tattoo, please reach out directly to
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